July 23, 2017

Most popular Engine Monitor? Racer Survey Results are IN!

Curious to know what the most popular engine monitor used by Sport Class Air Racers is? What works best for the innovative, experimenter pilot looking to get more speed and performance? How are pilots using the engine monitor data to keep them and their planes flying longer?

Here are the results from 51Aero’s Engine Monitor survey of 21 Sport Class Air Racers conducted in June 2017 during the Pylon Racing School at Reno-Stead. Here’s what the results reveal:

The most popular engine monitors for Sport Class racers are:
26% Electronics International MVP-50
22% Garmin G3X
17% Dynon Skyview
9% No Engine Monitor
9% Vision Microsystem VM 1000C
4% Garmin G900X
4% Dynon D-120
4% Electronics International UGB-16
4% Grand Rapids EIS 4000

What was the number 1 way to use the analysis of engine monitor data?

70% of racers found engine monitor data extremely valuable in avoiding major damage during a race.

Racers also used the data to:
1. Optimize power (EGTs, RPM, torque, etc)
2. Trend parameters for preventive maintenance
3. Sharing data to get expert engine advice

25% found engine monitor data extremely valuable for improving pilot performance (rolls, race paths, etc.) while 20% did not need this data at all. Pilots answered this question based on the AHRS capability available in their engine monitor.

How often do racers download their engine monitor data?
29% download data at least after every racing flight
57% at some interval of time (i.e. every 4 flights, once a month) or event based (i.e. during testing, when there is a problem)
14% never download the data because their engine monitor doesn’t have this option or there is a lack of software or equipment to get the data file

Pilots shared a few thoughts about how they use their engine monitor data for air racing:

“Best troubleshooting tool ever.”

“I have stopped developing my old plane, I really don’t want to go any faster. The new airplane, a Lycoming powered Super Legacy, will require much more data analysis.”

“I only record EGT, CHT and Oil Temp. So better than nothing, but not worth reviewing constantly without the complete picture.”

“Need one that monitors 8 cylinders.”

A big “THANK YOU” to all who participated in the Survey!

If you want help getting the vital information out of your engine monitor, email me at lisa@51aero.com.

From downloading the file through analysis, 51Aero is happy to help. Using our race telemetry expertise to keep our friends safely pushing the speed and innovation envelope is what we love to do. Let’s get you ready for fast racing in September!