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Flight-N-Sight Software Suite
Starting at $5,000


On Aircraft Dyno Package
Starting at $11,000


Custom Engine Monitoring and Analysis System
Starting at $15,000

Annual Support & Upgrades
1st year FREE ($450 value)

Flight-N-Sight Analysis Software

Custom Plane Configuration

Flight Analytics Quarterly Reports

PAL On-board System

Automatic Data Transfer

TECAT WISER Torque Sensor

Custom Engine Monitor

Post Flight Diagnostic Alarm Service
Optional Upgrade ($500 annually)


Flight-N-Sight Analysis Software

  • Graphical trend reports after each flight

  • Easy configurable parameter viewing for analysis

  • Flight replay capability

  • Generation of electronic flight logs

  • Automatically creates scheduled maintenance alerts

Custom Plane Configuration

  • Flight-N-Sight analysis software tailor built for your specific aircraft

  • Interfaces with selected engine monitor systems

  • Set the minimum and maximum parameter values for automatic alarms

Keyboard Blank

Flight Analytics Quarterly Reports

  • Trending summary reports to make sure you don’t miss anything

  • 4 reports emailed directly to you per year

  • Highlights any parameters exceeding limits and in what flights it occurred

PAL (Personalized Aircraft Logging) On-Board System

  • 51Aero’s flight data computer syncs information from engine monitors and sensors

  • Rugged unit packaging, 6x2x5 in, 3.1 lbs, 9-36V DC input, 19 watts

  • Record time greater than 500 hours before overwriting oldest data

  • Expandable through software to meet your evolving mission

  • Ability to integrate with AHRS, GPS and other aircraft systems


Automatic Data Transfer

  • Hands-free data transfer after every flight through your cell phone (coming soon)

  • Files maintained in confidential cloud-based central storage area

  • Data is automatically forwarded to 51Aero and owner specified maintenance crew

TECAT WISER Torque Sensor

  • Directly measure engine torque and horsepower during every flight

  • Verify performance and diagnose engine problems per cylinder

  • No removal of engine necessary to get “dyno” results


Custom Engine Monitor

  • New technology to maintain the look and feel of your classic vintage plane

  • Monitor all your EGTs, CHTs, temperatures and pressures with a virtually unlimited number of sensor inputs

  • Provide all the capability of high end engine monitors without the glass panel display

Post Flight Diagnostic Alarm Service (Optional Upgrade)

  • 51Aero runs every flight through an alarm filter checking for abnormal parameters

  • Automatic notification to you and your maintenance team for immediate action

  • Live analysis call with you and your team upon request

Alarm Service Image-01