Telemetry System Rentals for Pylon Racing School 2018

Formula One & Sport Class Racers

You have limited time on the course . . .

Get proficient FASTER 
with 51 Aero Flight Data Analysis

  • Find your best race line
  • Get numbers for each lap (speeds, G loading, distance from pylons)
  • View an easy graphical data interpretation
  • Understand your data after each flight with our telemetry experts
  • Determine your optimum plane settings for max speed (Upgrade)

What the 51 Aero Rental Telemetry System is

  • A self-contained flight data recorder, GPS receiver, and portable, rechargeable battery  
  • System weight is under 5 lbs
  • May connect to your EMS/EFIS for engine data collection & analysis (Upgrade)

How this Works

  1. Install our 51 Aero telemetry system in your race plane.  We’ll work with you to determine best placement.
  2. Turn on the system before each flight.
  3. After you land, pull the data off the flight data recorder.
  4. Analyze the data with 51 Aero telemetry experts and your race instructor.
  5. Take your findings and improve in your very next flight.

Rental Price

These special offers are only available for PRS week June 2-10, 2018 and in limited quantities.

  • Basic GPS Telemetry $350 – a 50% discount for Reno Racers!
  • Upgraded GPS Telemetry to include engine monitoring $700* – Best Discounted Value

      *Engine monitoring limited to selected EMS/EFIS models

“Fred and Lisa go out of their way to help you interpret the data in ways that can be used to demonstrably improve your performance…its intelligence for rent.”

Tim Cone, 2017 Air Race 1 Formula One World Cup Champion

“I would never have pushed the airplane so hard without the real-time 51 Aero telemetry on board and another set of eyes on the engine parameters.”

Vicky Benzing, Sport Gold Racer 377 mph